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This is Vibrascope Records

Achieve the Unachievable.

Artists Stephen Riesen and Lee Alexander present Vibrascope Records, a Music Label with the goal of allowing musicians to create true art without compensating for the mainstream. We strive to provide Spotify Playlist Growth, Performance Opportunities, and Funding Opportunities in the future. Please consider collaborating with us or supporting us today to see a change in the Music Community.


Our Mission

We are two young professional artists from the Metro Detroit Area, who have teamed up to
make a collaborative album with the intent of gaining sponsorships, partnerships, or
endowments. Our mission is to explore the synergy between R&B, Hip Hop and other classic
genres such as alternative and Lofi. Through the creation of our project “Pressure”, we hope to
give other young artists a platform and an opportunity to engage in a collaborative process. The
end goal is to start our own affiliate talent label and give young artists access to the community
and resources they need to succeed in the music industry.

Highlight: Why Don't You Need Me?

June 16, 2023




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