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Stephen Riesen

Meet the CEO of Marketing at Vibrascope Records

Stephen Riesen, 24, known professionally as Stevie the Vibe, is a musical sensation with a perfect ear and a sense for what makes music so special. His perfect pitch in combination with his Classically trained voice gives him a unique skillset that sets him apart from most typical silky tenors. While singing is his main act, he also is the Primary Producer, Audio Engineer, and Playlist Curator behind Vibrascope Records. He has worked with a GRAMMY Award winning Classical Pianist and several high end Opera and Jazz singers. This has helped him understand the human voice in a much deeper way and has contributed to his knowledge of Audio Engineering, even for Rappers and Pop Singers. He is currently studying at the University of Michigan honing his skills and teaching at Expressions Music Academy.


Lee H. Alexander II

Meet the Communications CEO of Vibrascope Records

Lee Alexander, 23, known professionally as Le$Lie, is a rapper, singer, performer and music producer from Detroit, Michigan. He's been writing raps/poetry since he was 10 years old and throughout college he's shifted into music producing as well. Le$Lie aspires to write music that people can not only bump their heads to but connect with on a spiritual level. Le$Lie is a proud alum of the University of Michigan’s Musical Theatre Program and also achieved a minor in Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship . In addition to producing music Le$Lie is a Broadway actor, who recently completed the First Broadway National Tour of Jagged Little Pill. Le$Lie has a lot of exciting new collabs on the way so make sure you follow him on socials. 

Lee's Headshot (Professional) 2.jpg

Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop Selections

That's You

R&B Single


Hip-Hop Song

Can't Complain

R&B Pop Track

Classical, Musical Theatre, and Spiritual Selections

Un Aura Amorosa

W.A. Mozart


Fortress of Solitude

It Ain't Necessarily So

Gershwin- Porgy and Bess

Classical, Musical Theatre, and Spiritual Selections Cont.

Give Me Jesus

arr. Norah Duncan IV

Sit Down, You're Rocking' the Boat

Guys and Dolls

Thou Shalt Break Them

Händel's "The Messiah"

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