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Reliable Music Promotion Services

Updated: May 11

In a world of music that relies heavily on promotional services, it can be tricky to find services that provide natural results. Here are some services we here at Vibrascope Records recommend that definitely work and who you can trust!


Playlist Push consists of the most competitive, most selective group of playlist curators on the market. While Playlist Push's cost of access is higher than other services, with the lowest level campaign going for $285, if your track is polished and respectful to a specific genre or sub-genre, odds are you will get placed in several different playlists with unique listeners! Curators are incentivized for putting on newer, younger artists, so I find the playing field to be pretty level if you have the budget. We at Vibrascope Records are one of the playlist curators on that site, so be sure to submit your music to us here!


SoundCampaign is PlaylistPush's direct competition, in that it does a lot of the same things. They are a bit smaller, but the playlist curators are still vetted to ensure minimal bot traffic. We are not directly affiliated with them, but have run one campaign through them. They are less incentivized to add younger talent, so you may also want to use SoundCampaign if you have a large budget and a following.


DaiMoon Media is a network of artists, labels, influencers, and playlist curators assembled by their artist team of 11. Their playlist services are a great way to build the beginning of your Spotify algorithm on the cheaper end, but some of their in network curators have follower counts over 10,000, which can really help you rack up numbers quickly! We have personally used DaiMoon to promote several of our label's tracks such as "Saving Grace", "Pressure", and "Go Insane", all benfitting nicely from the promotion we gained!


Emitha Studios acts as somewhat of a mentor for our upstart Record Label, and so who better to put on this list than the guys I trust more than anyone else! They are more niche than the other entries on this list, but they also offer more direct promotional assistance, more bran development tools, and if you happen to fit their specific network, you'll benefit heavily from it. They are before anything else a Classical-Crossover label, interested in helping underrepresented Opera Singers gain the audience growth they deserve through their particular playlist network, consisting mostly of in-house playlists. With that said, they are by no means ONLY for Classical Singers. They frequently work with rock and pop artists, and have partnered with us to expand their network toward more genres of popular music.


While we at Vibracope Records have never run a campaign with Effective Xposure, we have had several conversations with Gary, their primary marketing agent, and we liked everything we heard and saw. He specializes in running your Facebook ads directly to your single, which is the most direct form of promotion for algorithmic growth. Gary is very accomodating and knowledgable about the metric required to help you form an effective campaign and I could not recommend leanring more about his style of promotion. His entry fees are very expensive, so I would not recommend this for a small budget, but if you do work with him, expect to see major Algorithmic growth on Spotify!


Being the CEO of Vibrascope Records myself, there's no one more qualified to speak on what we do here! We are a network of curated playlists, specifically designed to jumpstart your algorithm. But what sets us apart? We have more points of entry than our competitors, lower membership rates, and more diversity in our genres. Currently we have week rates for $15, month rates for $35, and membership rates that allow us to promote all of your songs for $100 per month. No one else can claim this low of a price! But the greatest part about investing in Vibrascope Records goes beyond your singles today. Playlist curation is being used as our initial stepping stones to help us get into a much more pressing area of the industry - agency. We plan to work toward helping artists get direct access to gigs, events, and other resources to help them perform and make more money than streaming could ever make them. Invest in us today if you want to see the future of music you've always dreamed of!

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